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about two teens' conditions after a serious crash in pasadena. the support going out to the victims this morning. some are concerned about what could become of charm city curing bolt -- during the baltimore grand prix. city officials are calling concerns for drivers this morning. speaking out about the toll hikes, it's now or never tonight in maryland. this is your chance and what's in stake and the information you need to know. those stories ahead on this thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. for this thursday, a lot of you might notice a bit of a reprieve weather wise when you head outside. what's going on? >> i've had 20 or 30 people chime in on facebook how much they enjoyed the weather this morning. this time yesterday, we were in the 8 30s -- 80s in some spots. we are starting off at the beach. the temperatures will cool down for them. 68 right now rehob it.
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and -- rehobeth. a big storm around annapolis and downtown got light rain yesterday afternoon with the complex blowing through there at 69. but look at the winds. sailors, this might be your day and might not be your day. 23-mile-per-hour push. winds gusty for today. we will go up towards bel air where the winds are lighter. but at bel air elementary, down to a pleasant 62. pushing back to 70. may take another hour to get there. but this morning, we will get back there and push will 5 -- 58 with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. how about the traffic? i suggest you leave the windows down this morning. >> reporter: oh, that's what i did. i love leaving the windows down. we are doing okay out there. no major incidents on the beltway to report. the view downtown, traffic is light. we have construction 95 southbound between the beltway and 395. also an accident at the top of the screen beaver dam road at
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mccormick road. multiple vehicles involved. an accident with injuries. look out for emergency vehicles. megan. >> tonya, thanks. two teens trying to cross the street something terriblehappened. they are hit by a car. this morning, there is new information on how they are doing. linda so has been on the story. linda. >> reporter: well, we talked to shock trauma this morning and they tell us the girl is in critical condition. a family friend tells us she is being cpt alive on a ventilator to donate her organs. friends gathered where the 17- year-old a and her boyfriend were hit by a car tuesday night. they had an emotional vigil paying tribute with songs and candlelight. she and her boyfriend were trying to cross ritchie highway when they were hit. police say the two were not in the crosswalk. sean is in critical condition at shock trauma and his condition declined since first taken there. those who knew kara are touched by the fact she will save seven lives with her donated organs.
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elizabeth's daughter was good friends with kara and will miss her bubblely personality. >> she was at my house almost every night. she would walk in. if my daughter was away, she would stay with me and we would watch movies and talk and a. great girl. >> reporter: anne arundel county police are working to put up more signs in the area to alert drivers and pedestrian. no word if charges will be filed against the driver but the driver was not speeding or drinking. linda so, abc2 news. imraib died after being thrown -- a baby died after being thrown from a car in crash. it happened near the 2700 block of alameda and harford road. a man and 2-year-old boy and a baby were all in the car. the baby according to police, was thrown from the car but later died at an area hospital. a recent high
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schoolgraduate died from a crash. car went off the road. cory richardson was 18 and had just graduated from perryville. two other 18-year-olds were in the car as well. he was the passenger, though, and the two teens were hospitalized but are expect to be okay. richardson was a track star and graduated from perryville high last month. police are searching for a second suspect in the abduction of an 8-year-old boy that happened earlier this week. we have new information about the suspect that is behind bars this morning. court documents indicate darrick brown june yarr's father received calls from a phone asking for more than $500 in ransom. police tracked down the phones to booker's home where they found under the chair sitting there booker told police that raheem taylor and others planned to take brown to get money police are looking for taylor. four minutes after six. this morning, a man is behind bars charged with stabbing his wife to death at their home on
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jones road in pasadena. police say stephen salb attacked his wife yesterday morning. the two were going through a divorce. their daughter was there and this is her in the video. you can see her arm wrapped up in badage because she tried to save her -- bandages because she tried to save her mother's life. she ran a day care center out of her home and her husband stabbed her hours before the children would show up. fire at owings mills that displaced people is caused by someone cooking and leaving the kitchen. it started in the morningside complex and quickly spread. no one was seriously injured. the red cross is helping the families who lost everything to find a new home. an mta worker died of meningitis but the health department says we are not at risk. the 46-year-old worker was hospitalized tuesdaych the worker's family -- tuesday. the worker's family is being treated as a precaution. this is not airborne meningitis
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and no bus drivers coworkers or riders are in danger. the department of transportation kicked off the series of public meetings to provide information about the baltimore grand prix race. sherrie johnson is live downtown in that area where they are going -- where there's going to be traffic tieups and she has the latest information. >> reporter: we are here off light street here. this place definitely is going to pick up with congestion and that's what the department of transportation wants to talk to people about at the open houses. they want to educate them about the baltimore grand prix. today there is another public hearing that's going to be from 4 to 6 at marriott water front. now the festival of speed kicks off labor day weekend. and last night was the first meeting and there was not a large turnout. but barriers will start going up at the end of the month and traffic will get tighter as we get closer and closer to the labor day weekend. businesses and people who live in the immediate area will be contacted personally.
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>> people are appreciative of having this information. it will enabled them to make plans. it will -- we are letting folks know to get updates on gp so that if things change or further details and updates are need, they can get that information as well. >> reporter: once again, there will be be a public meeting today at the marriott water front and it will be another onetomorrow at the tremont grand hotel. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 7 minutes after 6. not thrilled about that proposed toll hike? tonight is the last chance to speak out about it. there were originally nine public hearings scheduled. but the mta add one more for people on the eastern shore. this meeting takes place at 5:30 tonight at the stephen decater middle school. for more information on toll hikes and the final meeting, head to the website on it's 6:07. he is accused of putting extents in hundreds of patients
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who didn't need it. >> edenies -- he dough nice wrong -- denies wrongdoing but a punishment has been hand down. we hear stay hydrated and drink plenty of water in fact eight glasses a day, right? some experts are saying that may be too much. it works for one marine why not another? another youtube invitation this morning to the marine corps ball. which celebrity is being asked out now. we will tell you but first new york -- we will head up to new york for the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money more pressure on the white house debt talks. with no apparent progress on raising the debt limit, the moody financial says may downgrade the top notch credit rating which could crash markets. ben bernanke says the central bank will step in if the economy gets weaker. but he told a house committee he expects the economy to strengthen this year and no fed moves are eminent. the final harry potter movie doesn't open until midnight tonight. but it sold 32 million dollars
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in tickets. that could mean one of hollywood's biggest opening weekends ever. and there is trouble brewing in minnesota for beer drinkers thanks to the shutdown of the government there. licensing of miller coors has expired and state employees who process the renewals have all been laid off. miller coors may have to remove the brands from the store shelves leaving folks without the suds. and that's america's money. i am peggy bunker.
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now "good morning maryland." it is 11 minutes after 6. ladies, listen up. if you want something to do after work tonight, consider the columbia mall. it is hosting the third annual girls night out. you can sample food and check
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out fashions all while enjoying discounts away from your husbands or your guy pals or whatever. event is scheduled for around 5 running until 8 benefiting habitat for humanity of the chesapeake. >> $10 donation for habitat gives you access to retailer offers in the evenings to sampling some of our treats and delicious eateries as well as a sneak peek at next season's upcoming style. the first 300 registered shoppers will get a girl's night out goody bag including samples from retailers and he can collusive coupons -- he can collusive coupons. we are one day away from friday and so rather than give outbad weather we want to check this out justin what ooh is it is this. >> double rainbow. >> oh, yeah. >> over central park i watched the click by the way. the guy needs help. that's double rainbow so justin, what does it mean? >> across the sky and across
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the studio, hey, look, we have had fantastic video and pictures shared from rainbows across the region. throughout the summer and back into the spring, we have storms roll through yesterday, and rainbows out of there but they push the heat out of air. i got interesting stuff to share this morning the first off 92. that's yesterday's high in baltimore. 91 in east op and compared to the 80s back to the north. that was the push of cool air that got here during the mid- afternoon and we are down into the 60s in fact 61 in easton. the cooler air is work its way towards the beaches. and it will get there for a decent weekend. back to the north there at 57 up toward york, p.a. that's almost chilly but that's 66 in baltimore is our normal low temperature i know, right? feels like fallout there. but aid drop of the humidity that made it feel so much cooler. 87 is the typical high. we won't get there. 58 is the record on this date just two years ago. the sun is up and high pressure
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is in control. it's compressed -- suppressed the heat to the south. the front has been pushed down to the south and takes the winds out of north. a north to northeastern wind dominating the weather for the next few days and bringing fresh canadian air. this high pressure slides through new york and new england. wind wrap around that and now that will bring us a northeastern flow. that is important this time of the year. it can cool us down but it can drag in cloud cover which would hurt some of your weekend plans. heading through tomorrow afternoon, it appears as if there may be a band of clouds trying to form because of the eastern wind. that would be after a sunny start. we will see what happens as we push timeline and eastern wind coming in to saturday morning. i adjusted the forecast at the beaches to include more clouds and keep them in the 70s. we will have the cooler day but i think the clouds only in the morning hours will give way to partly sunny skies and improvement as we warm up on sunday. but 85 today just enjoy had
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one. northeast wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. that may push a brisk chop on the chesapeake but the sail will be extended and nice weather through tonight near 60. 50s inland and mid-60s across the bay and downtown. check out this look tomorrow. looking at 85. and 80s on saturday as well call it partly cloudy and warming back into the 90s with the humidity coming back early next week. here tonya with the traffic. >> reporter: not looking forward to the humidity at all. we are traveling fine on the harrisburg expressway southbound jfx southbound towards downtown no problem to report. let's look downtown. light street southbound at conway. no incidents to report here. very patient drivers dealing with that construction on conway. we have an incident beaver dam road at mccormick. that accident with several vehicles we have injuries there. be careful moving through the area. megan. >> thanks so much. a card ol just accused of doing unnecessary heart procedures lost his license.
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st. joseph medical center relieved dr. mark midei of his dudeies and told more than 350 patients he may have implanted unnecessary extents in his hard. maryland board of physicians says his action were repetted and serious -- repeated and serious and his license has been revoked for two years etch says the allegations are false and his attorney may appeal the decision. you have been told hundreds of times drink plenty of water a improve your help and help youlose weight but a study says the recommended 8 glasses can actually do you harm. the article publish in the british medical journal says there's no evidence it will help your health at all and drinking water when you are not thursdayy can -- thirsty can affect your concentration. researchers say the benefits of drinking water are exaggerated by groups to profit from you buying water. children exposed to second hand mome smoke at home may be more likely to have learning or behavioral problems according
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to a new study. more than 55,000 u.s. children younger than the age of 12, 6%, they lived with the smoker and the kids were more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or learning disabilities than those in smoke free homes. down in virginia beach, virginia, public schools are introducing a new device in the fight against obesity. electronic fat monitor that mecklenburg measures -- that measures fat. other students say it's little too embarrassing but the most controversial part is gym teachers could be held accountable for students fitness scores. [ music ] >> check this kid out. the little dynamo. he is now in the guinness world record holder for the youngest professional drummer. jillian is -- julian is from
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michigan and this is him playing in southfield michigan. he is 7 years old and set the record when he was 5 years old and 10 months and 2 days old. how about that? he has even doorsment deal with several different manufacturers. >> probably head and shoulders. check out the head of hair. >> i know. 3 to 4 water he dropping helicopter -- water dropping helicopters. >> yeah. live tv for a reason. okay. get out of the way. this is my live shot. move, move. this reporter was doing a story on forest fires when one of the choppers fighting the flames dumb ptd watt -- dumped water on them. >> that's how close we are. it's not funny but. >> calm down. breath. breath. breath. >> that's how close we were. >> that's what happens with live tv. >> i can't breath. >> it happens to everyone. my first live shot someone
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called the pay phone behind me. >> really? >> city council meeting in joplin, missouri and the phone behind me kept ringing and i thought i was clear, and answered the phone. >> who was it did they tell you? >> listen, earlier we told you about a marine asking out m la cunas and she said yes because of her costar justin timberlake. >> a female marine asked justin timberlake to be her date. >> justin, you want to call out my girl m la i will call you out -- mila and i will kale. call you out to come to the marine corps ball with me. >> corporal kelsey desantos is the only female marine -- >> that was jeanne moos. >> there you heard it the only female marine. >> out there. so there you go. it's a small corps. something tells me if it came
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to fist a cups she could take justin timberlake out. she has decided to follow suit asking timberlake if whoa accept. >> i hope he does. >> pretty good chance. >> i hope he does. >> yeah. yeah. he will. >> she is cute. >> he seems -- she probably cleans up well. the only marine. only one in the whole corps. >> all right. stay with us. are you tired of the heatwave that we have been having? you may want to head overseas. coming, where people are pulling out the snow boots the hats and the gloves as well. also ahead a.3 year old is holding onto -- a three-year- old is holding onto his dad in hopes he will never have to let go again. all right. here's our picture of the day i missed it earlier in the show. this is a guy named john that sent this in. his girlfriend love boston terriers and this is the two of their dogs and they put on hot dogs on the pugs.
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>> i have a boston terrier and they think it's a pug. >> dressed up like hot dogs. >> and remember if you have a birthday or anniversary, pet of the day, send pictures at morning show at and give us the information and we will share it. so, send it to morning show at
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looking at news around nation a. regional airliner crashed into the northeastern city in brazil on wednesday killing all 16 people on board. witnesses said at least one of the passengers was pleading for help after the plane made a very hard landing gesturing through window to onlookers, but the aircraft quickly burst into flames before any aid could arrive. investigators said the plane's flight data and voice recorders were located with i they hoped would answer questions as to why that plane went down. check this out. the hot temperatures we are experiencing here in the u.s., yeah, doesn't look so bad. heavy snow is falling in parts
6:25 am
of new zealand closing roads and schools and ski resorts are having to shut down. but the snow sports lovers are not one bit disheartened. >> couldn't get out. so, came down. >> whatever he said local roadworkers said the snow is falling faster than it can be cleared and the conditions arethe worst they have experienced. >> worst in 15 years. >> it looked bad. stay with us, a murder suspects is tackled to the floor when being taken to a courtroom. >> coming, why officers used tasteers on some of the victim's family members. and heavy snow brought the roof down seven months ago. we will get a look at the metro dome this morning. ♪
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[ kara ] over three thousand entered, ♪ ten were named semi-finalists, ♪ five made it to times square, ♪ one rose above the rest. ♪ congratulations to courtney reid the winner of this year's folgers jingle contest. ♪
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now "good morning maryland." friends and -- friends and family gather to show their support for two teenagers fighting for their lives after a horrible crash. it is getting so heated the president walked out of talks. the debate debacle continues this morning. as we get closer and closer to the deadline. >> the espn zone is gone and now time to put in something fun in the empty space. we will give you a first look
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at that. the new plans and the attracts coming to the baltimore inner harbor. all of that on this thursday, july 14th. good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. if you haven't gone outside yet, open up the door and the window and enjoy it. because finally, the air is moving again. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> and breath in the air. it feels so good and will be moving. we have had gusts and charley and i have talked about the winds problems at british open. this will pale in comparison to what they are dealing with over there. >> pants tightening wind. >> hair tightening wind and 65 degrees. 16-mile-per-hour push. watch right there over the hillside. this's the sun. we have high thin clouds mixed in that may add texture to the skies. temperatures dopped to 59 and now back to -- dropped to 59 and now back

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